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Software development

Dwakn has a long history of developing custom software. We started by helping another company write a management system for the gas utility industry in the US, and have come a long way since then.

Web development

We do all sorts of web development, whether it’s to customise a site we’re building to give it just that extra piece of functionality that our customer needs, or writing an entire custom system from scratch.

We have experience with customising many open-source systems, writing our own or customising add-ons. Most of our experience is WordPress, a blogging and general content management system and Magento, an e-commerce system, but we are able to work with other systems should you require it.

We’ve developed numerous largish systems from scratch, systems like our bulk e-mailing system, MailCampaign which scales to lists in the tens of thousands. We’ve also been instrumental in writing a web system to manage a graduate recruitment company, utilising a rich Ajax interface with a clean and simple interface.

We have extensive experience with writing web systems in PHP as well as extensive ASP.NET experience.

Desktop development

We started out writing desktop software, and while it seems that everything is going onto the web these days, there is still a place for desktop software.

We target primarily Windows as a platform, but can also write cross-platform software that will run on Linux, Mac and Windows.