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Websites and web design

We excel at creating attractive and easy-to-use websites, which work for you, changing and adapting as your needs change.

We focus on standards compliant websites, and we make sure that they work in all major web-browsers and devices, ensuring that all your visitors receive the best experience.

We create all our websites based on a content management system, which allows you to easily and quickly update and change  the website yourself.


Who doesn’t want their website to look good? We make sure that all websites we create are pleasing to the eye as well as looking professional.


You don’t want your visitors to be lost or confused when visiting your website, so we ensure that any website we create is easy to use. This means that the navigation elements are obvious, the text is easy to read and that the general layout of the pages is logical.

Standards compliant

A standards compliant website means that it will work not just on desktop computers, but on tablets, cell phones and other devices. With smart-phone usage on the rise, you don’t want someone browsing the web on their phone to not be able to see your website. It also means that your website is future proof. You can be generally certain that a year or two down the line, new web-browsers or devices will be able to display your website just fine.

Search engine optimised

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a bit of a dirty word. There are lots of companies charging large amounts of money to do “SEO”, without actually accomplishing anything. You can rest assured that a website from us will be optimised for search engines, without using some of the shady tactics that some companies use to bump up their result on search engines.

Other functionality

Need some custom functionality? E-commerce functionality? Got a new business idea you need help with? We can do that too. With a rich history in software development, we can customise functionality just for you, or if it’s truly ground breaking, write it from scratch. We’re happy to talk over any projects or ideas you have, and to see how we can help you. Drop us an e-mail at contact@dwakn.com, or fill in the contact form on our contact page.